• NAME: 5V USB TV Back Light Strip RGB with 3-key controller
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  • PUBLISHED: 2017-08-10
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5V USB TV Back Light Strip RGB with 3-key controller

- 4x50cm Multi-color 30leds Flexible 5050 RGB



  • Can be used any devices with 5V USB include your phone charger/adpater(5V).
  • DIY household lights for hallways, stairs, trails ,windows,Light up colorful home life,flexible ribbon for curving around bends.
  • Multi-colored: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White ...
  • Change modes: Flash,fade...




TV back,car,cabinet,case,etc...


Packaging included:


  • 4x 50cm LED IP54 with yellow adhesive tape (5V-30leds/M-RGB)
  • 3x 10cm connect wire
  • 6x 4 pin needle
  • 1x 1M USB cable with 3-key controller 
  • 1x Parts (Clips,U shape clips...)
  • 165g/pc


User Manual:

  • Clean and dry the place where will be pasted to avoid falling off.
  • Cut(if necessary): Cut On the Cut Marks on the strip to desired length.
  • Remove the protective paper of the adhesive tape on the back,and firmly press the strip light in desired place.
  • Connect the USB to USB port and press the ON/OFF key.
  • For the Mode key to chose fuction.
  • Press the speed key to adjust the speed.


Control Mode:

Simple button.Just press the keys to change the model and speed.