Mission is impossible without team

publish: 2019-07-11 Source: http://en.spartaled.com
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On July 6, 2019,this hot summer,Sparta families greeted the summer with the same  enthusiasm. Sparta carried out a team building activity of "Integrity, Passion, Innovation,  Win-Win" 2019 Wolf Culture Training Camp coming.Sparta families involved in this meaningful  activity with great enthusiasm and spirit.



With the scorching sun, everyone has involved in this activity with high morale and full  enthusiasm, including the passion 99 seconds,the triathlon,the flying bridge,the bamboo  rafting, climbing wall and other group activities. Each team members were actively making  suggestions, deploying strategies, coordinating the work, and demonstrating their  capabilities to meet the challenges with the best strategy. The series of exciting  activities, are testing the teamwork and resilience of the players' strength, wisdom,  courage and speed. Applause for the efforts of our Sparta families, we proved that we will  conquer the challenge and create a miracle as long as "clear direction, unswerving, every  second counts, focus on efficiency, trust and tolerance, and work together" .

The group activity is an enhancement of the cohesiveness and effectiveness  of the young elite team. In addition to the office work, everyone is close to nature,  mobilizing work enthusiasm, laying a solid foundation for the company's talent development,  injecting a steady stream of vitality for the company's sustainable development, and  helping the Sparta's development to a new level.
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